Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Adventurer 2

W hether you are paddling, racing or surfing, you will effortlessly get in a great shape. As you probably know stand up paddle boarding has become one of the most interactive and fun water sports out there.

However, to practice this water sport you need a quality inflatable stand up paddle board that can provide you with performance, stability, and durability. The Tower Adventurer 2 was designed with beginner and intermediate paddlers in mind. In order to find out more about this product, keep on reading the following lines.


Measuring 10/4 inches long by 32 inches wide by 6 inches thick and weighing just 25 pounds, this incredible board is able to support up to 350 pounds without any issues. The combination of thickness and drop stitch construction makes this board one seriously rigid paddle board. The fact that it comes with a thickness of 6 inches of the standard 4 inches found in most inflatable boards is a major perk.

When deflated, this SUP measures 12 inches long by 33 inches wide to maintain the same portability of the original model. Being made of military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction it is highly durable, which means that it can resist well damage from rocks, sticks and other objects.


In what regards the stability, the Adventurer 2 is one of the most stable and maneuverable paddle boards available on the consumer market. Furthermore, the glide performance of this board is fair. It doesn’t glide as well as other models, however, it is very easy and fun to paddle. Plus, it is a great choice for beginner paddlers. Actually, beginners will enjoy using this board since it is easily maneuverable and stable.

It’s very important to know that when fully inflated, this incredible board is as stable as a hard paddle board. Therefore, if you are looking for an inflatable board that feels similar to a hard and rigid paddle board and performs well in all types of water environment, have a look at this wonderful model.


While it comes with a pressure range of 25 PSI, the manufacturer recommends that it be kept around 10-15 PSI. As a general result, this board is much rigid than other models, providing the borders with a great experience that is much more like that available on an original board.

The Tower Adventurer 2 features a 3-fin configuration with 2 fixed fins and a large center fin that is detachable. Plus, there is also a 3-piece fiberglass paddle which is much durable than a typical steel paddle that is attached to other models. Also, the paddle board is equipped with a high-quality deck pad and a repair kit.

Ease of use

The board can be deflated into the size of a sleeping bag, so it is ideal for tossing it in the back seat of your car and for storing it in a small place. However, this board is very light and easy to transport even when inflated. Thanks to its carrying handles, the paddle board can be easily carried and taken in and out of the water. Due to the fact that is much easier to transport than an original hardboard, it is ideal for beginners, especially women.

If you are thinking about purchasing this mode, it’s important to know that the inflation valve is on the nose of the board, so you have to take the removable fin off and roll it properly. In what regards the inflation process, keep in mind that it takes about five or six minutes to hand pump up. It is easy to inflate, especially because it comes with a stock hand pump that works well.


All-round SUP
10/4” long by 32” wide by 6” thick, 12” long by 33” wide
25 lbs.
Maximum weight limit
350 lbs.
Military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction
3 fin-configuration
Inflation/deflation time
Less than 5 minutes
Pump type
Pump with integrated pressure gauge
Paddle type
3-piece fiberglass paddle
Paddle dimensions
Fully adjustable paddle from 65” to 85”
Ring type
4 D-rings with bungee cord
Inflates to 15 PSI

Warranty and support

Unlike most models that come with a 1-year warranty, the Tower Adventurer 2 board features a longer warranty. It comes with a 2-year warranty that guarantees against manufacturer defects. Additionally, if you need more details about the board or something happens with the product, visit the official website or contact the customer support department.


  • Durable construction
  • 6″ thick with great rigidity
  • Good paddling performance
  • Excellent portability
  • Solid warranty coverage


  • Backpack not included
  • Comes at an expensive price

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can two people use this board at once?
Due to the fact that it can actually support up to 350 pounds, two people can easily ride on it at the same time. Obviously, they can do so only if together they do not weigh more than the aforementioned maximum limit.

2Is it a suitable option for a beginner?
The stability it provides and the heavy-duty design it boasts actually make it an exceptional choice for beginners. Another aspect which makes it preferable for beginners is the fact that it does not glide, being designed for light paddling rather than a competitive rhythm.

3Is it backed by a warranty?
Yes, this product is backed by the manufacturing company with a 2-year warranty against defects. However, you must make sure to not inflict direct damage on it. Otherwise, you risk voiding the warranty and losing the right to have it fixed for free.


When inflated, the Tower Paddle Boards iSUP Adventurer 2 boasts the same rigidity a piece of plywood does, but it doesn’t sacrifice maneuverability in the slightest. What gives it this high durability is the military-grade PVC and drop-stitch manufacturing, as well as its 6” thickness. Thus, it is an option SUP surfers prefer in comparison with other models as it is long-lasting yet delivers the precision needed to ride waves. Moreover, as it is one of the affordable options at the moment, it makes for a great budget pick.

What we like the most: Even though it makes for a viable option for experimented paddle boarders, it is designed with the interests and needs of beginner and intermediate paddlers in mind, which makes versatile enough for the entire family to use as it is an easily swappable model.

Hannah Boyd
Hannah Boyd
I grew up in San Diego, California and have always taken an interest in beach life. I worked at a surfboard and SUP rental for 2 years and gathered knowledge about what makes a quality board. I am passionate about writing as well and want to combine my experience with watersports with my writing talent to help others have the best experience possible when they paddleboard.

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