Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

T he world of stand up paddle boarding has seen major evolutionary changes with the addition of inflatable boards. Nowadays, inflatable doesn’t translate to flimsy and sensitive anymore as PVC and other materials add durability unlike ever seen before into the mix. If you are wondering what is an inflatable paddle board and how it differs from hard/rigid traditional boards, you have come to the right place. Here, we will not only list your best selections and take a deeper look into what they have to offer but provide you with quintessential info regarding iSUPs for you to get more familiarized with these new and improved boards.

Top 5 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Compared

1. ISLE Airtech Explorer 11’ 2. SereneLife 10’5” 3. Peak Expedition 11’ 4. Roc 10’5” 5. PathFinder
Manufacturer ISLE Surf and SUP SereneLife Peak Paddle Boards Roc PathFinder
Inflated Size 11′ x 32″ x 6″ 10’5″ x 30″ x 6″ 11’ x 32” x 6” 10’5″ x 32″ x 6″ 9’9” x 30” x 5”
Weight 22 lbs. 19.6 lbs. 19.5 lbs. N/A 24.5 lbs.
Board Material Drop stitch PVC Double-wall drop stitch material and PVC Military-grade PVC and drop-stitch Military grade PVC with drop stitch PVC reinforced with multiple drop-stitch layers
Paddle Material Type Aluminum alloy Aluminum Plastic and metal Aluminum alloy Aluminum
Color Grey, Black, Neon Green Aqua, Blue, Pink, Orange Black, Blue, Green, Pink Aqua, Moss
Volume 238 liters 225 liters 238 liters N/A N/A
Adjustable Paddle 3-piece (65” – 86”)
Rider Weight up to 300 lbs. up to 275 lbs. up to 350 lbs. up to 275 lbs. up to 240 lbs.
Pressure Range 15 PSI 15-20 PSI 15 PSI 15 PSI 15 PSI
Time to Inflate 5 minutes 4-7 minutes 5-7 minutes 4-5 minutes 10-15 minutes
Fin 2 fixed, 1 removable 3 3 2 fixed, 1 removable 1
D-rings 15 9 11 7 5
Bungee System
Carry Handle
High-Pressure Pump
Carry Backpack / Case
Warranty 60-day guarantee + 1-year warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Customer Support

1. ISLE Airtech Explorer 11′

Highlights summary:

  • Features two cargo systems, one of which is oversized, and two strap handles on the tail and nose.
  • The 3-fin configuration it boasts makes this SUP suitable for touring on open water, as well as for cruising on flat water.
  • A carry bag is included as well for easy transport and convenient storage.
  • It is made with military-grade PVC, so durability is a given through its build.
  • It is equipped with a bungee system, a durable nose, tail carry handles, and 15 D-rings that you can use to attach a seat if you want to.

The ISLE Airtech Explorer comes with come incredible characteristics and accessories at a very affordable price. It measures 11′ in length, 32″ in width and 6″ in thickness, the 238-liter volume ensuring it will keep you on top with ease and that there won’t be any issues regarding stability. The design makes it suitable for exploring ocean bays, rivers, and lakes. The Explorer 11′ inflates up to 15 PSI and comes with a high-pressure pump that enables you to get the procedure done in a matter of minutes, most users reporting that it took approximately 5 minutes to get it inflated.

As it is able to hold up to 300 pounds, it makes for a great pick for kids, teens, and adults alike. It is available in 2 colors, more precisely aqua and yellow. Additionally, the manufacturer backs it with a 1-year warranty on materials, and you can get your money back in full if you are displeased with it as long as you return it during the first 60 days after you make the acquisition.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 11’ x 32” x 6” Weight 22 lbs.
Material Drop stitch PVC Maximum paddler weight 300 lbs.
Volume 238 L Number of D-rings 15
Number of handles 1 Warranty 1 year

2. SereneLife 10’5”

Highlights summary:

  • The extra thick 6” double-wall drop stitch material and PVC build grants stiffness and stability.
  • The recommended inflation pressure is 15-20 PSI.
  • When you make the acquisition, you also receive a coiled ankle safety leash, an oar paddle, a manual air pump for quick inflation, and a carry bag for convenient transport and storage.
  • It is outfitted with 3 bottom panel fins that let you steer and handle it with ease, offering exceptional surf control for beginners.
  • It is available in multiple color options, including pink, aqua, blue, and orange so you can match it to your usual swimming attire.

As it provides excellent glide, you can take up fitness exercises, explore, fish, and even cruise with it. The SereneLife measures 10’5” feet in length and 30” in width, its design promoting balance and stability so that standing on it is a breeze. It boasts a lightweight design as it weighs only 19.6 pounds, this spec combined with the central carry handle making transport a cinch. The 275-pound maximum weight capacity and its overall design recommend it for use by kids as well as adults.

The wide top deck is cushioned and non-slip so that you won’t lose balance as you ride it and to have an easy time gliding across the surface. It features a total of 9 D-rings – 4 D-rings are connected on the deck with a bungee cord, 4 D-rings are distributed on the sides to let you add a kayak seat if you want to, while the 9th D-ring is placed on the tail to allow leash attachment. When it comes to backing, you can rely on SereneLife to warrant it against defects during the first year after acquiring the board.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’5” x 30” x 6” Weight 19.6 lbs.
Material Double-wall drop stitch material and PVC Maximum paddler weight 275 lbs.
Volume 225 L Number of D-rings 9
Number of handles 1 Warranty 1 year

3. Peak Expedition 11′

Highlights summary:

  • Brushed EVA pad covers most of the back so you can move on it safely without skidding on its surface.
  • Triple fin navigation system lets you turn it as you like in the water with little effort.
  • Features 2 storage areas where you can place a cooler, fishing gear, or anything else you need – a 6 D-ring bungee cord connected front area and a 4 D-ring bungee cord connected area on the rear.
  • Features 2 carry handles – one central and one on the tail, which come in handy when you pull it out of water or carry it.
  • The 11th ring it features on the tail is usable for safety leash attachment.

Created for thrill-seekers and adventurers, the Explorer can tackle sunny and stormy conditions just as easily, its hybrid nose cutting through chop like it were nothing. It is suitable for people of all skill levels who want to endorse in touring, snorkeling, fishing, or recreational paddling, and due to its roomy design, you can even take a cooler with you on the board during the expedition to have cool drinks in your reach whenever you feel thirsty. Durability and reliability are granted by the military-grade PVC and drop-stitch material build, while the 6” thickness ensures stability as you stand on it. Moreover, the non-slip grip on the surface ensures you won’t slip off, even if you are unskilled.

Inflation takes 5 to 10 minutes tops and the inflation valve is compatible with most electric pumps on the market, so you don’t necessarily have to use the included manual dual-action pump. With the purchase, aside from the pump, you also receive a coil ankle leash, a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle, a removable travel fin, a waterproof phone case, and a carry backpack for easy transportation and storage.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 11’ x 32” x 6” Weight 19.5 lbs.
Material Military-grade PVC and drop-stitch Maximum paddler weight 350 lbs.
Volume 238 L Number of D-rings 11
Number of handles 2 Warranty 1 year

4. Roc 10’5”

Highlights summary:

  • This all-around model is suitable for all skill levels, which adds to its appeal as it caters to the needs of beginners as well as paddle boarding pros, and it lets you use it in freshwater lakes, rivers, or even the ocean.
  • It features 2 fixed side fins and a large central removable fin that enhance stability and navigation performance to add to the board’s versatility in use.
  • The thick and rough diamond grooved EVA traction pad adds to its stiffness while also providing a soft padded area that protects your feet from skidding.
  • When you make the purchase, you also receive an alloy paddle, a leash, a waterproof bag to keep your keys and phone in, a pump, and a backpack for easy transport.
  • It is available in 4 color options – black, blue, pink, and green.

The Roc SUP measures 10’5” in length, 32” in width so that your feet sit comfortably on it to let you maneuver it with ease, and 6” in thickness. It is made with military-grade PVC and boasts a drop-stitch construction, the rigid design ensuring it won’t puncture easily so that you enjoy using it for years on end. As it can accommodate users weighing up to 275 pounds, it is suitable for kids, teens, and adults alike.

It features 7 D-rings, 6 of which are attached to the nose with a bungee cord, while the last D-ring is located on the tail to allow safe leash attachment. It is one of the more budget-friendly options on the market, which makes it quite a popular choice among SUP fanatics. Lastly, we mention that it is backed by a 1-year warranty on manufacturing and materials.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’5” x 32” x 6” Weight N/A
Material Military grade PVC with drop stitch Maximum paddler weight 275 lbs.
Volume N/A Number of D-rings 7
Number of handles 1 Warranty 1 year

5. PathFinder

Highlights summary:

  • All-around board that is suitable for all water conditions.
  • Navigation system consists of a large removable fin that helps keep it on a straight track in flat water.
  • The 4 D-rings on the deck are connected with a bungee cord to serve as a storage area for the items you want to carry on your paddle boarding expedition.
  • Multi-layer drop-stitch technology build helps it maintain its shape even after years of use.
  • Included with the acquisition – detachable central fin, high-pressure hand pump, adjustable aluminum paddle, valve wrench, carry backpack.

The PathFinder is fairly minimalistic in its design and able to accommodate a maximum weight of 240 pounds, which recommends it for smaller individuals as those who are on the heavy side might be confronted with stability-related issues. On the upside, the durable PVC reinforced with multiple drop-stitch layers build it boasts ensure its durability and grant you with a rigid surface that isn’t susceptible to cracks and dings.

On the nose, it features a 4-point elastic bungee storage area where you can place the water bottle, your backpack, and any other gear you want to carry on your paddle boarding expedition. On the tail, it features an inflation valve that works perfectly with the included high-pressure pump, enabling you to finish with the inflating process in a matter of minutes. Moreover, at the end of the tail there’s a D-ring where you can attach a safety leash so that you and the board stay connected and close even if you fall off it.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 9’9” x 30” x 5” Weight 24.5 lbs.
Material PVC reinforced with multiple drop-stitch layers Maximum paddler weight 240 lbs.
Volume N/A Number of D-rings 5
Number of handles 1 Warranty 1 year

6. Sevylor Mesa

Highlights summary:

  • Features a 2” rocker that helps you glide smoothly regardless of how the water is.
  • Comes with 2 fixed fins, as well as a removable fin, which together provide you with superior control as you ride the board.
  • Features a handle for easy retrieval and toting.
  • Comes with criss-cross bungee that holds your onboard cargo.
  • EVA footpad grants improved shock absorption as you stand up.

Due to the wide 32” design and superior rigidity it brings to the table, the Sevylor Mesa makes for a perfect fitness board. Thus, not only can you take up your favorite manner of cruising the water with it, but you can do yoga on it as well. It features a single D-ring loop that you can use for the included leash attachment, as well as 3 handles that help you get it in and out of the water and transport it easier overall.

With the acquisition, you receive a mesh-side carry bag with drain holes for the water to spill out through for more convenient storage and transportation. You also receive the hand pump with which you can inflate it easily, the pump switching from dual action when the pressure is low to single action when it is high to make your job easier.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 11’ x 32” x 6” Weight 29 lbs.
Design Woven nylon drop-stitch Maximum paddler weight 300 lbs.
Volume 295 L Number of D-rings 1
Number of handles 3 Warranty Satisfaction guarantee

7. NRS Thrive 10.8

Highlights summary:

  • The acrylic stiffening agents that is integrated in the deck helps improve stiffness without actually adding weight to the board.
  • Inflates to 20 PSI to provides you with enough rigidity so that you stand confidently on it.
  • Features three hauling webbing handles at the center of the deck, as well as an extra handle on the end to aid in swimming.
  • Its navigation system is comprised of removable and interchangeable ABS plastic fins that let you customize its performance as you please.
  • Features a pressure release valve that prevents you from accidentally over-inflating it.

The all-around profile of the NRS Thrive recommends it for do-it-all paddlers who want to take up a variety of practices, including light river running, touring, and even fitness paddling or SUP yoga. Its inner core is made with drop-stitch material that helps preserve it in a top-notch shape even after years of inflating and deflating, while the body is covered in heavy-duty PVC material that withstands harsh environments without deteriorating.

It comes with four D-rings on the nose that endorse custom rigging with the use of the included bungee cord, as well as three D-rings for leashes, tie-downs, and the water bottle. Moreover, with the acquisition, you receive a high-pressure pump with pressure gauge, a repair kit for quick fixes, 3 all-water fins, 1 touring fin, as well as a convenient carry bag to store it in when it is deflated.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’8” x 34” x 6” Weight 29 lbs.
Material PVC drop-stitch Maximum paddler weight 250 lbs.
Volume 350 L Number of D-rings 7
Number of handles 4 Warranty 3 years

8. ISLE 11’6” Sportsman

Highlights summary:

  • Features a 6-point front bungee and a 4-point rear bungee system that you can grab onto when you ride or where you can more conveniently store gear.
  • Grooved EVA pad provides maximum traction and comfort, the non-abrasive surface allowing you to knee paddle without any discomfort.
  • Tail mounted D-ring allows quick leash attachment and makes your life easier when you latch onto a dock or boat.
  • Three front and rear located Scotty mounts where you can add rod holders, fish finders, or whatever other gear you need when you go on a fishing expedition.
  • Features 3 fins on the underside – 2 fixed side fins and 1 large fin on the center that is removable for easy transport and storage.

Perfect for touring and fishing expeditions due to the wide profile that makes it easy for you to balance on it even when you reel in a really big catch, the ISLE Sportsman boasts a durable double-stitch core that is covered in layers of heavy-duty PVC fabric to ensure toughness and durability unlike any other SUP. You can see that it is actually designed for fishing as it features front and rear Scotty mounts where you can place rod holders and other gear you need on your trips.

The grab handles on the rear and front come in handy when you handle it in and around the water, while on the underside it features 3 fins to provide you with control over direction, the large center fin being removable in order to allow easier storage. When it comes to extras, with the purchase you also receive an ankle leash to attach and keep the board in your proximity when you fall off, a 3-piece hybrid travel paddle, a dual action hand pump for easy inflating, a repair kit for quick fixes when needed, as well as a carry backpack for convenient transportation.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 11’6” x 36” x 6” Weight 27 lbs.
Material Military-grade PVC Maximum paddler weight 320 lbs.
Volume 287 L Number of D-rings 12
Number of handles 3 Warranty 1 year

9. Atoll Paddle 11’

Highlights summary:

  • Diamond grooved EVA traction pad feels comfortable while providing with a good grip so that you don’t slip off the surface.
  • Measures 32” in width at the center to provide with the stability you need to even take up tougher activities like yoga or fishing.
  • Large front bungee section can be used to secure your gear or even a cooler to keep your drinks in.
  • Tri-fin design for easy and efficient tracking, allowing it to glide fast and smooth in water.
  • Included with the acquisition – 3-piece carbon shaft paddle, 10’ coiled SUP leash, carry backpack, double-action hand pump.

The large deck of the Atoll alongside the 15 D-rings featured, some of which are connected with bungee cords enable you to fit and secure all the cargo and essentials you want for your water adventure without worrying they might fall. The top is covered with EVA foam pad so that it prevents slipping and helps you maintain balance. Balance and stability are granted by the 32” width at the center as well, allowing you to take up yoga and maintain your fitness level while on the water for a more fun workout.

As it can support up to 300 pounds, actually being tested for over 350 pounds, you can take your pet or another person on the board with you for the ride. It inflates at 15 PSI and feels just as rigid as a traditional hard board does. Moreover, due to its tri-fin design and overall build, it cuts through water with more agility than competitors.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 11’ x 32” x 6” Weight 22 lbs.
Material Machine laminated dual layer PVC Maximum paddler weight 300 lbs.
Volume N/A Number of D-rings 15
Number of handles 3 Warranty 2 years

10. iROCKER Cruiser

Highlights summary:

  • Features safety handles integrated into the bungee cord storage area that kids can safely hold onto as they ride along.
  • Action mount lets you securely attach accessories like a waterproof camera or Bluetooth speaker to the board for a more entertaining experience.
  • Removable side fins allow you to customize its performance according to water depth and conditions while making it easier than ever to roll it in a compact manner when needed.
  • Rear grab handle provides a convenient manner to pull it in an out of the water, elevating the fins up so that you avoid rock/hard object damage.
  • Comes with a triple action dual chamber hand pump with integrated pressure gauge for efficient inflating.

The stability of the iROCKER Cruiser makes it perfect for flatwater conditions as it glides effortlessly on it. Moreover, the removable fins affect the way it moves as, with a single fin configuration it improves tracking, using both side fins improves turns, while the large center fin on its own keeps it gliding in a single line. The low profile of the center fin also grants you the possibility to paddle into shallow areas safely.

The slight rocker on the nose helps combat winds, while its extra space makes it perfect for activities like yoga or fishing, adding to its versatility. As this is a quad-layer PVC model with an incredibly tough build and stiff platform that can sustain up to 400 pounds at a time, you can even take your kid on a joy ride, the small one’s safety being ensured by the aforementioned safety handles.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’6” x 33” x 6” Weight 25 lbs.
Material 4-layer drop-stitch material Maximum paddler weight 400 lbs.
Volume 234 L Number of D-rings 11
Number of handles 4 Warranty 2 years

11. Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2

Highlights summary:

  • It is strong enough to support up to 350 pounds.
  • Its 6-inch thickness accompanied by the drop stitch constructions make it one of the most durable and stable iSUPs at the moment.
  • It features a large single bottom fin that helps improve steering, handling, and even speed for your experience to be as pleasant as possible when you ride it.
  • It can handle 25 PSI, but the recommended pressure range is around 10-11 PSI.
  • With the included high-pressure pump, it will take about 5 minutes to fully inflate it.

The Adventurer 2 measures 10’4” in length and provides 32” of deck width so that you can keep your feet in a comfortable position while being ensured that balance and stability won’t be an issue. It is one of the largest boards the manufacturer has yet produced and it is a perfect option for those who need a long board for all-around use.

Its diamond grooved deck pad is non-slip to ensure you won’t be in danger of slipping off its surface, and it provides a padded, comfortable placement for your feet, knees, or body on. The accessories included with the purchase are a removable center fin, a roll-up carrying strap, a handhold strap, and the 3-piece adjustable fiberglass paddle. Lastly, we underline the fact that it is backed by a 2-year warranty that exceeds industry standard, the warranty covering all problems outside normal wear and tear.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’4” x 32” x 6” Weight 25 lbs.
Material Military-grade PVC and drop-stitch material Maximum paddler weight 350 lbs.
Volume 300+ L Number of D-rings 4
Number of handles 3 Warranty 2 years

12. Supflex 10′

Highlights summary:

  • The crocodile skin EVA deck makes it comfortable enough for sitting on it to relax in the sun and even for practicing yoga.
  • It comes with 4 stainless steel D-rings with bungee cord and one D-ring near the tail so that you may add a kayak seat or other accessories to it.
  • It features a 3-fin configuration with 2 fixed and 1 removable fin.
  • It is made from military-grade PVC with drop-stitch construction, which makes the Supflex one of the most long-lasting entries in our top as it doesn’t puncture easily and resists intense use.
  • When deflated, it is small enough to be rolled and placed in the car to carry it and store it neatly in a closet at home.

Its heavy-duty build also makes it capable of withstanding large weights, being able to support up to 300 pounds. It measures 10’ in length, 30” in width, and 6” in thickness, the design recommending it for use by people of all ages. It weighs only 22 pounds so it won’t be difficult to carry, especially seeing how it even features a neoprene carry handle.

Compared to other models, it comes with a plethora of accessories. It comes with a high-pressure double action hand pump with pressure gauge, a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle, a repair kit, a coiled leash, and a backpack for easy storage and transport. Additionally, a 2-year warranty is provided on materials and manufacturing so you can rest assured as you won’t be charged for eventual repairs while the agreement is active.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’ x 30” x 6” Weight 22 lbs.
Material Military grade PVC with drop-stitch construction Maximum paddler weight 300 lbs.
Volume 230 L Number of D-rings 5
Number of handles 1 Warranty 2 years

13. Vilano Journey

Highlights summary:

  • It measures 31.5” in width so that you can position for feet comfortably and in a steady position while on it.
  • The 11 stainless steel D-rings and the front deck bungee can hold extra cargo if you choose so, including a cooler, a kayak seat, and anything else you want to take with you on your excursion.
  • With the acquisition, you receive a fully adjustable paddle that measures from 65.5” to 86” in length, a manual pump for quick inflation, a backpack to conveniently carry it around, a patch for quick repairs, and a removable center fin.
  • As the deck pad boasts an anti-slip design, you can comfortably paddle all day with it.
  • When deflated, it measures a mere 1’ in diameter by 36”, so you’ll have an easy time storing it.

The small and stable design of the Vilano Journey recommends it for newbies as it is easy to handle and maneuver. Thus, if you are still grasping the basics of this pastime activity, this 10’ board by Vilano is your best guess. The Korean drop stitch construction and high-grade PVC that goes into manufacturing it make it feel like a hardboard and ensure it is built to last as it won’t puncture easily.

It can accommodate a maximum weight capacity of 260 pounds, and the board itself weighs only 25 pounds, which makes it easy to transport. It even features a central carry handle that allows you to move around with it while it is inflated easily. Furthermore, it is covered by a 1-year warranty on material and workmanship.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’ x 31.5” x 6” Weight 25 lbs.
Material Korean drop stitch and high-grade PVC Maximum paddler weight 260 lbs.
Volume 225 L Number of D-rings 11
Number of handles 1 Warranty 1 year

14. PEAK 10’6”

Highlights summary:

  • The 6-inch thick PVC guarantees that there will be no damage or dings that you might incur with some other hard boards.
  • In terms of overall shape and performance, it is designed for all-around use.
  • When you buy it, you also receive a 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle, a coil leash, a carry backpack, and a high-pressure pump.
  • It is available in 4 color schemes – aqua, moss, blue, and white.
  • When deflated and rolled, it measures only 11” by 36”, so you won’t have trouble storing it when it’s not in use.

Being designed with stability and durability in mind, it is constructed with military-grade PVC. It is suitable for beginners and pros alike as it measures 10’6” in length, 32 inches in width, and 6 inches in thickness, its design ensuring stability as you sit on top. It weighs 23 pounds and features a center carry handle that enables easy and convenient transport. The nose grab handle provides an easy manner to enter and exit the water with your gear on the SUP.

Its non-slip traction deck pad ensures that stability is a given when you ride it and that your feet, knees, or body, depending on the position you sit in, feels as comfortable as possible as well. You receive a waterproof phone case as well, so you have safe storage space for your phone or keys when you hit the water for your routine paddle boarding session. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty and 30 -day money back guarantee, which means that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it for a refund.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’6” x 32” x 6” Weight 23 lbs.
Material Military-grade PVC and drop stitch material with EVA traction pad Maximum paddler weight 300 lbs.
Volume 225 L Number of D-rings 7
Number of handles 2 Warranty 1 year

15. Aqua Marina Fusion

Highlights summary:

  • Features an elastic bungee cord that you use as a cargo area where you can safely deposit gear and accessories you need.
  • Single removable center fin design aids to improve tracking.
  • Stretched out honeycomb groove grip pad helps you keep balance and stabilize yourself regardless of how calm or agitated the water is.
  • Features an extra D-ring on the tail side for ankle leash attachment.
  • Makes for a perfect entry-level iSUP due to its smooth slopes and round edges.

The 6” thick profile of the Aqua Marina Fusion provides the stiffness and buoyancy you seek to cruise the water smoothly regardless of how skilled or unskilled you are in paddle boarding. As it is an all-around model, it does an excellent job in flatwater. On the deck, it features EVA padding with honeycomb grooves to prevent you from slipping off of the surface. The bungee cords on the nose come in handy as they keep your cargo safe while you explore the water, so you can confidently place even a cooler on it.

The Fusion inflates to 15 PSI and comes with a hand pump that you can use to inflate it easily with each use. Its large fin is removable, so you needn’t worry about the space it takes up in storage. Furthermore, with the acquisition, you also receive a paddle, fin, hand pump, repair kit, and carry backpack.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’10” x 30” x 6” Weight 19.2 lbs.
Material Military-grade PVC Maximum paddler weight 308 lbs.
Volume 290 L Number of D-rings 5
Number of handles 1 Warranty 1 year

16. Body Glove Performer 11’

Highlights summary:

  • Features 2 center D-rings that can be used as tie-down points, as well as a rear D-ring where you can place the leash attachment.
  • Diamond grooved EVA traction pad keeps your feet from slipping as you ride the board.
  • Front bungees with 6 lash points provide you with the possibility to store gear, essentials, or even a cooler in a secure manner.
  • Reinforced nose bumper adds to its durability, prolonging the lifespan.
  • Triple-layer center stringer design makes it hard for it to wear and tear while adding to rigidity and strength.

The Body Glove Performer distinguishes from other models due to its unique shape and design, boasting a fairly generous 34” width at the center while tapering dramatically at the nose, providing you with a stable platform to stand on as it cuts through water easily. Moreover, the wide design provides ample room for you to practice yoga if you want to. As it can accommodate a maximum of 320 pounds, you can take your dog, kid, or significant other on your ride to double the fun.

It inflates in less than 5 minutes so that you spend as much time as possible on the water, and due to its triple fin design, you enjoy all the control you need while on it to steer in the direction you want. It features 3 fixed fins that help enhance paddling efficiency and tracking, while saving you time as there’s no setup needed before you hit the water. On the front, it even features a mount where you can secure a waterproof camera, a feature you don’t see in many SUPs.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 11’ x 34” x 6” Weight 24 lbs.
Material Heavy-duty PVC with triple layer center stringer Maximum paddler weight 320 lbs.
Volume 430 L Number of D-rings 9
Number of handles 1 Warranty 1 year

17. Jimmy Styks i32

Highlights summary:

  • Drop-stitch fabric core and PVC enclosure make it endure high levels of pressure without losing its rigidity.
  • Features a total of 5 D-rings – 4 D-rings on the nose help with gear and cargo storage and 1 D-ring on the tail where you can attach the included safety leash.
  • Navigation system consists of 1 large central fin that makes it easy for you to control the direction of the board.
  • Included with the purchase – high-pressure pump with gauge, plastic fin, leash, repair kit, carry bag, adjustable aluminum paddle.
  • Nylon webbing handle conveys you with a convenient manner to pull it in and out of the water, as well as carrying it around.

Length is of paramount importance, and the 30” provided by the Jimmy Styks i32 gives you the freedom to move around without risking to fall in the water. Moreover, seeing how the deck features a pre-installed traction pad, chances to slip off drop dramatically, even if you are inexperienced. It is designed to flawlessly cut through water and features pointy angles that produce minimal air and water resistance. As it is made with PVC at the core and features an industrial drop-stitch construction, it endures the roughest of environments without taking any damage.

The gripping pad keeps your feet fixed firmly so that you can paddle and control its direction with confidence. On-board storage is another highlight as the 4 D-rings feature a bungee cord so that the cargo net created can safely keep your gear in place. Furthermore, it features an interesting design as it comes with a single fin, this setup proving to be extremely effective when it comes to direction control for the user.

Specifications Sheet
Inflated size 10’6” x 30” x 5.88” Weight 24.5 lbs.
Material Drop-stitch core with double-layer seam-welded PVC enclosure Maximum paddler weight 250 lbs.
Volume N/A Number of D-rings 5
Number of handles 1 Warranty 1 year


These days, paddle boards come in different sizes and shapes. Most of them are made of epoxy and fiberglass. SUPs usually measure from 8 to 12 feet in length, 4 to 5 inches thick and 28 to 32 inches wide. If you are just starting out, it’s recommended to start with a longer, wider and thicker board, because these models will provide more stability. As you gain experience, you will be able to try smaller boards. Before selecting your first paddle board, it’s quite important to know the difference between each model.


  • The inflatable SUPs are the most portable and easy to carry boards.
  • When deflated, they have the size of a sleeping bag.
  • Compared to epoxy models, inflatable boards are more durable.

All around:

  • This is the most common paddleboard shape.
  • The all-around SUPs work incredibly in all conditions.
  • They are friendly and perfect for beginners.


  • Surf SUPs are specially designed for those surfers who want more action.
  • This is a perfect choice for beginner to advanced paddlers.
  • Compared to all around boards, these models are less stable on the water.
  • Specially designed for surf and flat water.


  • The touring boards are ideal for advanced paddlers who want to experience long distances in flat water.
  • They are built with efficiency and maximum glide in mind.
  • Touring models are wider and more stable.
  • Perfect SUPs for beginners.


  • Great option for those people who love fishing, but they don’t want to purchase a boat or kayak.
  • These types of boards have the most volume, so you have enough space to move around on the surface.
  • They provide stability when paddling and casting.
  • Longer, wider and thicker than other models.


  • Designed for Yoga, Pilates, flat water paddling or any fitness related exercise.
  • They are extremely comfortable and stable.
  • More resistant than other models.


  • Perfect choice for advanced surfers.
  • Specially designed for water races and ocean competitors.
  • Extra width and length make them much faster than other models.

What Size Stand Up Paddle Board Is Right for You?

Length and volume are the key factors you must look into when you select the size of the board, so you need to have a better grasp on these aspects first. Otherwise, you won’t ever get the hang of this sport as you won’t even be able to maintain balance on it.

SUP volume

To be able to accurately estimate the volume it must score, you can use formulas that are based on your skill level. Note that the result of the calculation is in liters.

  • Beginner: Your weight in kilograms multiplied by 2.
  • Intermediates: Your weight in kilograms multiplied by 1.7.
  • Advanced: Your weight in kilograms multiplied by 1.3.

SUP length

To find the right length, you must take into account the type of board you want to acquire first. Thus, we will categorize this section into 3 subdivisions – all-around, surf, and flatwater/race.

All-around SUP length guide

Paddler weight Board length
KG ≤9’0” 9’1” – 10’6” 10’7” – 11’6” 11’7” – 12’6”
22 – 56
56 – 68
68 – 79
79 – 91
91 – 102
102 – 113
113 – 125

Surf SUP length guide

Paddler weight (kg) Board length
KG ≤9’0” 9’1” – 10’6” 10’7” – 11’6”
22 – 56
56 – 68
68 – 79
79 – 91
91 – 102
102 – 113
113 – 125

Flatwater/race SUP length guide

Paddler weight (kg) Board length
KG ≤9’0” 9’1” – 10’6” 10’7” – 11’6” 11’7” – 12’6” ≥12’7”
22 – 56
56 – 68
68 – 79
79 – 91
91 – 102
102 – 113
113 – 125

How to Choose a Stand Up Paddle Board

There are countless types of boards on the market, today, so choosing an inflatable model can be a bit confusing. Therefore, before making a purchase, you have to take into account several things. Keep on reading the following lines and choose a stand-up paddle board that meets your requirements.

  • Pick the right size for you

    As outlined above, there are so many different types available that is gets difficult to choose the right model for your needs. Therefore, in order to find out what size board suits you, take into consideration your weight and paddle boarding experience.

    The volume of the board is very important as well. The longer, thicker, and wider the SUP, the more volume and stability it will have. Most beginners use boards with more volume because they provide stability and are able to support more weight. However, when your skills and balance improve, you will be able to perform on a paddleboard with less volume.

  • Decide between inflatable and epoxy SUP board

    Once you have decided what size of board you want, you must decide whether epoxy or inflatable is the way to go for you. There are many differences between these two models. However, this choice really depends on your budget and transportation options. In what regards the performance and the quality of these different models, epoxy boards surpass inflatable models.

    For first-time paddlers and intermediate riders, the inflatable model is a perfect choice as it works great in all conditions. On the other hand, if you are an experienced paddler and looking for speed and flexibility the epoxy paddleboard might be right for you. When it comes to transportation and storage, it’s important to know that the inflatable models are effortless to carry and store than the epoxy boards.

    When deflated, the inflatable boards have the size of a sleeping bed, while the epoxy SUPs are more difficult to transport and they usually require a large vehicle or a special strap for the car. Furthermore, it’s important to understand the fact that the inflatable models are great for people short on space. They can be deflated and stored anywhere compared to the epoxy models which require space for a 9-foot SUP.

  • Warranty

    Purchasing an inflatable SUP is a great investment and the last thing you want is to buy a board that is not as good as you expected. That’s why in order to stay assured that you are buying a board that will definitely meet all your requirements have a look at its warranty. Some manufacturers provide a 2 -year limited warranty, while others will offer a 60-day warranty with the possibility to try it for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you can send it back and get another one or receive all your money back.

How to Stand Up Paddle Board

How to stand up

The first step is the hardest for a newbie, and with this activity, standing up properly on the board is the difficult part. How you should proceed is to start in flat water that is calm with a board wide enough to sit in a correct stance on. For beginners, the ideal size is of at least 30” in width and 11’ in length. You should also get a board that features anti-slip padding on the deck so that you are provided with added stability by the surface you sit on. Considering the fact that you use it on water and the deck will inevitably get wet, it’s an important aspect to look into. Now let’s move on and see what you should do to stand up:

  • Get the board in the water and make sure that the fin does not hit the bottom or any hard formations.
  • Get on the board but start in a kneeling position, taking a few strokes on each side to get accustomed to the motion.
  • Slow and easy, stand up with one foot at a time at the center of the deck. When you are in a standing position, make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart and parallel to the stringer.
  • Keep your core centered over the board and the knees only slightly bent to remain stable and achieve good balance.

Paddling techniques

There are three main basic techniques you can take up and at their center is the paddle that you use as a lever. Make sure you properly hold it as this aspect makes a huge difference. To proceed correctly, drive the paddle with your top hand while your bottom hand serves as a pivot point.

Paddling forward:

  • With the bottom arm straight and in a still position, pull the top arm toward your body to extend the paddle forward.
  • Proceed to rotate the top shoulder forward and extend your reach.
  • Insert the paddle into the water in front as much as you can and bury it into the water, pulling past it.
  • To keep a straight line, switch from one side to the other after a few strokes, alternating to keep the forward route.

Turning with a forward sweep:

  • Place the paddle in the water on the right side to turn left, while turning your torso to the left as well.
  • With a low stance, pull with the paddle to the right towards the tail. At the same time, twist and lean to the left with your torso to feel a shift in the board’s movement.

Turning with a reverse sweep:

  • Turn right by placing the paddle near the tail of the board and pulling toward the nose.
  • Whole you do so, shift your torso to the right to spin the nose of the board to the right hand side.
  • To turn the board easier, put a slight bend into your knees.

Do’s and don’ts

  • Do: Let your large back muscles do all the work when you take long strokes, dipping the blade fully in the water.
  • Don’t: If you aren’t SUP surfing, then don’t stand in the surfing stance as you will have a much harder time to move forward on calm water by positioning your body in this manner.
  • Do: Keep a right position of your legs by standing with your feet parallel to each other spread at shoulder width apart with the toes pointing toward the nose.
  • Don’t: Don’t solely rely on your arms to do all the work as you will tire quickly. Instead, let the big muscles of your back do all the hard work.
  • Do: For powerful strokes, grip the paddle at shoulder width apart. Otherwise, you won’t move forward all that much.
  • Don’t: Don’t confuse the paddle with a broomstick on which you keep both hands on the shaft as this isn’t the right placement.
  • Do: You must always keep one hand on the top of the paddle’s handle, while the other hand should be placed on the shaft of the paddle.

Inflatable Paddle Board vs Hard

Paddle boards are mainly categorized into two types, each with their perks and downsides – inflatable and hard. Since both serve the same purpose, to provide you with a means with which you can take up stand up paddle boarding, it is easy to understand why you might have a tough time deciding on the best purchase. Don’t make an uninformed acquisition right off the bat as the board you choose should comply with your needs and preferences, as well as your financial possibilities. Read the following to receive the info you need to draw a conclusion and make an appropriate comparison between the two.

Note: Hard/rigid/fiberglass SUPs are the same, so when you find these terms of reference, know that they are adhering to the same product.


  • When you hear the term inflatable, you are tempted to jump to the conclusion that puncturing is automatically an issue. iSUPs these days aren’t faced with this issue, however, most boasting a similar build that is comprised of a PVC core and drop-stitch technology which actually makes them surprisingly durable and resistant to puncturing, dinging, or scratching.
  • The mere name leads you to believe it is the go-to option in terms of durability, but the truth is that, in case you accidentally drop a fiberglass board by accident, chances are that it will get damaged and require immediate repairs. The same goes for riding over rocks, it could get dinged or scratch easier than you would expect.
  • Winner: Although most might be tempted to think that rigid boards are the more durable variant, inflatables take the point home when it comes to reliability and long-term use.


  • While dependable and undeniably qualitative performance-wise, inflatables do lack in some departments, only a few models catering to all the needs and serve properly for racing, surfing, and long-distance expeditions.
  • Through their superior rigidity, hard models are considerably better when it comes to catching waves when surfing. Moreover, they are reliable when it comes to long-distance expeditions as well and score impressively well in the speed department as their build allows the boards to glide with more ease.
  • Winner: Rigid paddle boards are definitely the better choice when it comes to performance, at least for those who are serious about this hobby/activity and need an agile board that glides easily even on agitated water. Moreover, they tend to be faster when compared to inflatables as well by approximately 5% to 10%.

Storage and portability

  • Through their design, inflatable models provide ultimate convenience in storage and transportation as they can be deflated and rolled in a compact manner. Thus, space isn’t an issue when it comes to off-season storage as you neatly roll the deflated board and place it in a bag for it to preserve the compactness, the same going for transportation as well.
  • During the offseason, you must find free space to place the hardboard in, which can be problematic seeing how these items generally measure over 9’ in length. Transportation by car isn’t convenient either as you are likely going to have to mount it to the top of the car on a special rack.
  • Winner: When it comes to storage as well as ease of transportation, inflatables are definitely the better choice as they can be deflated and rolled into a more compact form.


  • Inflatable models are available in a wide range of prices. However, if budget is tight, you can easily find a viable option at a couple of hundreds of dollars.
  • Fiberglass models, on the other hand, due to the manufacturing costs involved, tend to cost more. Nonetheless, there are cheaper options you can come by as models made with foam, although less qualitative, tend to come at a cheaper price.
  • Winner: It is true that the pricing range can be all over the place with both types as you find cheaper and more expensive options on both sides. However, when comparing prices, we take into consideration only the quality, durable, and performing models from each category. And a clear favorite arises easily as iSUPs are the more budget-friendly option even on the higher end of the cost spectrum.

Verdict – Inflatable or hard?

As inflatable models score better in all departments except for performance, where the difference between them and fiberglass boards isn’t all that considerable or impressive either, they make for the better option for stand up paddleboarding enthusiasts. Nonetheless, now that you have all the stats, you can draw an informed conclusion based on what you actually seek in a board, so if you feel that a hard model is more appropriate, you are aware of its weaker and stronger points.


Stand up paddleboarding is one of the most popular and relaxing water sports due to the fact that any person can learn how to perform it in a relatively short time. Paddleboarding is a great outdoor activity and an amazing way to spend your time with family and friends. However, paddleboarding can be done using an inflatable board. Keep on reading the following lines to find out more benefits of using an inflatable SUP board.

  • Easy to carry and store

    The main reason to buy an inflatable board is that it is easier to transport and store. The fact that they don’t need a roof rack to be transported, make these models very desirable. When deflated, these SUP boards can easily fit into your car as they aren’t larger than 1 foot in diameter and around 32 inches wide. Some models come with a strap that allows you to tie the rolled-up cylinder to a bicycle.

  • Softer and gentler on the feet

    Whether or not the deck pad on the board is good, the air that is inside the board will cushion your feet, making you feel more comfortable than you will feel with a hardboard. When inflated, these boards are very rigid and solid. However, they are softer than other boards. If it hits you, you won’t be hurt or get knocked out. Furthermore, they are more resistant. They have much better resistance to damage so you won’t see any cracks or nicks on it. The inflatable boards are also very easy to maintain. Therefore, when it is time for a clean-up, you just have to use water and mild soap.

  • Deliver stability

    As you probably know, inflatable boards are usually used by beginners and intermediate paddlers, so they have to be extremely stable. The larger and thicker the board, the more stable it is. Of all the dimensions, keep in mind that the thickness is the most important. If you are interested in buying an inflatable SUP, make sure that the board is more than six inches thick because those boards with less than 6 inches thick are hard to balance.

Characteristics of Inflatable Boards

  • Thickness

    As aforementioned, the thicker the board the more volume and ability to hold more weight it has. Plus, thicker models are more rigid than thinner models. Most models are going to be either 4 or 6 inches thick. However, the 4 inches boards are suitable for most riders.

  • Length

    If you are new in this industry, it’s important to understand that there are a dozen of different sizes and shapes of paddleboards. The length is very important as it affects maneuverability and stability. Keep in mind that the longer the SUP, the faster it goes. For example, beginners prefer shorter boards because they can control them easier, while the most advanced boarders prefer longer SUPs because they are much faster than the standard models.

  • Width

    The width of the SUP affects stability. As a general rule, the wider the board, the more stability will provide. They are much slower than other models. However, wider boards are perfect for beginners exactly for this reason.

  • Nose Rocker

    Also known as the flip, the nose rocker refers to the curve between the flattest portion of the board and the front tip. It is extremely necessary when surfing or in rough water.

Frequently Asked Questions

?What does the volume stand for?
The volume expresses the amount of volumetric space, which is measured in cubic liters. To roughly calculate the volume of the board, you must multiply its length by its width and its thickness.

?How do material and quality influence the paddleboarding experience?
If you do not have a quality paddle at your disposal, stress, fatigue, and even injury can occur. In case you want to perform this sport as a hobby, a means of relaxation, you can go for a low-cost option. However, if you plan on taking up a more professional experience and paddleboard over long distances, you should pick a paddle made from a light material.

?How do I choose the fin or fin set combo?
In case you plan on solely paddling on flat water, you can opt for a single center fin. If you want to take up paddle surfing, you should go for a model that offers at least a 3-fin set.

?Is my weight an influencing factor?
Yes, for the board to provide stability and keep you on top of the water when you are paddling for maximum efficiency, your weight must be suitable. If you do not pick a board that can withstand your weight, it will sit lower in the water so stability will not be granted.

?What is the role of the D-ring?
The D-ring is an accessory you attach to the board which allows you to use other convenient attachments or accessories you otherwise would not have been able to utilize. For example, the D-ring enables you to attach a leash and more easily drag/carry the board when you are on the beach.


Regardless of your skill level, you are sure to find a board that suits your needs. Moreover, the variation in sizes, types, and designs ensures that encountering an appropriate variant won’t be difficult at all. As you can see, we rounded up here what the most renowned manufacturing companies on the market have best to offer and before we reach the inevitable end, let’s quickly review some of the most appealing options once again.

Best overall: ISLE Airtech Explorer 11’
Stability is at the forefront of the ISLE Airtech Explorer, a model that measures 11’ in length by 32” in width by 6” in thickness, which makes it perfect for beginners and pros alike. As it is our top seed, it comes as no surprise that it is unparalleled in terms of durability, the military-grade PVC build it boasts ensuring that a little ‘tough love’ won’t produce any damage. As it can accommodate up to 275 pounds, you can even take your kid or pet on it for the ride to make the whole experience more enjoyable. Furthermore, the two storage areas it features at the front and rear provide a convenient and safe manner to carry cargo and gear on your adventures.

Best for beginners: SereneLife 10’5”
The exceptional control provided by the tri-fin setup of the SereneLife 10’5” makes it the most adequate option for beginners. Its wide top deck ensures you won’t have a hard time maintaining your balance, while the non-slip surface evidently prevents your feet from slipping to avoid falling off the board. It even provides the stiff feel you seek to confidently paddle the water even when it starts to get a bit agitated as it measures a hearty 6” in thickness. Moreover, it is ideal for those who want to learn how to SUP surf.

Value deal: PathFinder
When the budget is tight, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot acquire a qualitative product. As you can see in the case of the PathFinder, you can enjoy the same quality a top-tier, expensive board has to offer but at a much cheaper price. Sure, it is not the most beginner-friendly option on the market at it is a shorter 9’9” length, but if your skill level allows it, you should turn to it as you save money in the process. Despite the cheap asking price, it is durable due to its PVC and multi-layer drop-stitch build, so you needn’t worry that your investment is a delicate one that you should handle with excessive care. Furthermore, it feels quite similar to hard boards, providing the rigidity and stability usually seen in fiberglass models.

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