SereneLife 10’5”

H ighly popular among buyers for its stylish design and reasonable price, the SereneLife 10’5” will bring tremendous joy to your entire family, as it is created to accommodate kids, teens, and adults with skills ranging from beginner to paddling champ.

Wide and comfortable, and equipped with all the necessary accessories, it is perfect for fishing and yoga. Moreover, when it comes to transportation, the size won’t be a bother, as it deflates in minutes and fits inside the specially-designed storage bag.

Design & Construction

It is available in two color schemes, Aqua and Black & Gray, both fashionable and perfectly complimenting the fresh color of the sea. The deck measures 10’5” in length and comes with a generous 30” width. Moreover, when fully inflated, it reaches a thickness of 6 inches, and almost matches the stiffness of a surfboard, allowing you to easily cut through the waves with great balance and confidence.

For the construction of this model, the manufacturer used military-grade PVC that is highly resistant to bumps, scratches, and puncture, thus ensuring your safety while paddling, and increasing the durability of the board. Plus, it can hold a weight of up to 275 lbs., so adults will be able to paddle comfortably, without worrying that it may sink.


High-quality design means outstanding performance, smooth turnings, and stability, and this board has them all. The deck is thick and rigid, ready to face all the choppy waves you plan on crossing. The 3-piece paddle adjusts in height and floats for a while before sinking, so you will have better chances to recover it.

Easy to transport, as it gets surprisingly compact when deflated, it is suitable for airplane travels and will easily fit in any trunk. Not to mention that with the high-pressure pump you will reach the maximum 15-20 PSI air pressure in minutes. The premium-grade valve is durable and will last through an endless number of pumps, while the laminated finish ensures the board withstands the high pressure. UV-resistant and thoroughly reinforced, it is made to last and keep its original color even after extensive use.


The most important thing at a board is its steadiness. It is called stand up paddling, so you should be able to maintain your vertical position while navigating on lakes or rivers. That’s why we consider the traction pad essential, and the SereneLife comes with a high-quality one.

It covers a big part of the deck, providing not only an excellent grip but soft support for your feet and knees. At the top of the deck, you will find a 4-point bungee system that will help you secure your cargo, while the D-ring situated at the tail of the deck can be used to connect the board to your foot through the safety leash.

The carry handle is conveniently placed at the center so you can easily grab the board and carry it across the sandy beaches and into the water. For smooth navigation in flat water, it has been equipped with a 3-fin system, which includes a large, removable central fin and 2 smaller fixed side fins. These will help you maneuver the board and steer. Additionally, the air valve is cleverly placed at the tail, offering optimal access for the hand pump.


Inflatable, All-Around
Military-grade PVC
Max Pressure
15-20 psi.
Ankle Strap
Paddle Type
3-Piece Adjustable Paddle
Weight Capacity
275 lbs.
19.6 lbs.
Carry Handle


  • Military-grade material and composite drop stitches provided excellent durability
  • Outstanding rigidity provided by the 6-inch thick deck
  • Premium-grade inflation valve will last through the years
  • UV-resistant coating protects the color and preserves its initial look
  • Wide deck ensures a comfortable position and better stability


  • The fin attachment is rather flimsy
  • The bungee area is narrow and able to accommodate only small cargos


Overall, with its robust construction and many safety features, SereneLife 10’5” is a surprisingly affordable model, so if you are on a budget, but not willing to renounce the quality of a more expensive board, you should go with it. Large enough to accommodate an adult, but not huge, it can easily be used by a kid or a teenager.

The leash prevents it from drifting away if you fall, while the floating paddle doesn’t get lost as easier as other models. Not to mention that you will get it inflated in no time, and, with all the accessories included and a repair kit available, you will be able to assemble or patch it on the spot.

Hannah Boyd
Hannah Boyd
I grew up in San Diego, California and have always taken an interest in beach life. I worked at a surfboard and SUP rental for 2 years and gathered knowledge about what makes a quality board. I am passionate about writing as well and want to combine my experience with watersports with my writing talent to help others have the best experience possible when they paddleboard.

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