December 15, 2019

Adventure Paddleboarding Allrounder MX

Take a quick look at this incredibly stable paddleboard and you will be surprised to discover how easy it is to maneuver in flat and choppy water. available in three different sizes and weights, Adventure Paddleboarding Allrounder MX is a good option to consider whne making a purchase. It is large enugh to accomodate you and another person. It is stable, safe and comfortable.
December 9, 2019

Retrospec Weekender 10’

The Retrospec Weekender 10’ stands out not only through its durable build but through the thickness that it boasts which grants even newbie paddleboarders the stability they need to learn and soon enough confidently ride the SUP on water.
November 30, 2019


SUP yoga is one of the neatest activities you can take up to stay active, release the stress that seems to rapidly overwhelm you, and just enjoy life to its fullest. If this is an activity you want to indulge in, the PathFinder is the best iSUP for the job, by far.
November 27, 2019


Regardless of the scene, whether you are on a beach and looking at cool waves that you could surf on or you are in a mountain area and want to calmly paddleboard on a river, an iSUP that makes for an exceptionally dependable companion is the ANCHEER 10’.
November 25, 2019

Goplus Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Goplus iSUP is perfect for paddle boarders who are interested in taking up SUP surf as it can catch quite impressive speeds and provides you with enough stability to ride waves carelessly. An all-around model that is hard to pass on, we recommend you look into it a bit closer to learn everything it can offer.
November 21, 2019

Bestway Inflatable Hydro-Force Wave Edge

If your budget is tight but you don’t want to sacrifice quality for the sake of a few bucks, then consider giving the Bestway Inflatable Hydro-Force Wave Edge a chance. As you will learn from this review, it is quite qualitative despite the cheap asking price, which makes it one of the better options on the market right now.
November 19, 2019

Murtisol 10’5″

The Murtisol 10’5” really shines when it comes to the design department, something that can be easily seen in its large width that allows you to practice exercises on the deck without worrying you might sit in awkward positions. Of course, this isn’t where its appeal ends as the board has quite a lot of neat features to offer.
November 18, 2019


The FBSPORT Premium really has it all, the inflatable SUP boasting a durable build, as well as anti-UV coating so that it stays in the same perfect shape it was the first day you used it. As you will learn from this review, it is a feature-rich model that comes with everything you need, including a complete set of accessories.
November 17, 2019

Bright Blue 10’6″

Bright Blue 10'6" is another quality stand-up paddle board that deserves a good place on our list. With a durable yet lightweight construction and lots of accessories, this SUP is by far one of the easiest boards to use on the water. Not only that it is easy to use, but it is also extremely stable and safe. All in all, it is a nice option to consider when making a purchase.
November 16, 2019

iROCKER Cruiser

Finding an iSUP that provides stability to help even beginners ride on the water like they are pros is no easy feat, yet the iROCKER Cruiser is a product that manages to impress with the prowess of its design, catering not only to the needs of beginners but professionals as well.
November 15, 2019

SereneLife 10’5”

SereneLife is no stranger to the production of quality SUPs and this can be best seen in the SereneLife 10’5” model, an inflatable that lasts for years even when subjected to heavy-duty use. Moreover, it is designed to cater to all skill level paddle boarders, so it’s safe to say it is worth your hard-earned cash.
November 14, 2019

THURSO SURF Waterwalker

THURSO SURF Waterwalker is a high-quality SUP that helps you maintain a good balance on the water. It comes with a lot of features and Quick-Lock technology for ease of use. It is lightweight, portable and easy to carry. Plus, due to its adjustable paddle and removable fins, it is extremely easy to maneuver on the water. Overall, it is a great option to consider when making a purchase.