Retrospec Weekender 10’

H igh-quality, innovative features, and remarkable performance are just some of the main traits that describe this item. No matter if you want to exercise or just to relax while paddleboarding, this is for sure an excellent board that will help you do both. With a user-friendly design, it will become your best friend on-the-go that will offer amazing rides on the rivers, lakes, sea, and other more. If you haven’t convinced yet on its abilities, check out our review.


10 feet long, 30 inches wide, and 6 inches thick, Weekender 10′ is an excellent pick for multiple riders who won’t pass the 275-pound weight limit. It offers a wide amount of space, also letting you move freely if wanted.

The fact that’s 6” thick is a plus as it’s thicker compared to other models in its category, thus providing you with extra stability during usage. It can also hold more weight than other boards very well, which offers reliability and convenience.


Solid and reliable, Retrospec will please you with remarkable performance as it was carefully manufactured with the best materials. We’re speaking of military-grade PVC and drop-stitch technology that offers maximum efficiency over time, due to the strong, supportive sews, meant to properly take care of your board.

Known for its toughness, it’s solid enough to use it for exploring new locations, but also for relaxing your body and mind, while making yoga. More to be mentioned, it’s great for gentle surf, and it can safely accommodate your beloved pets.


Ideal for any proficiency level, Weekender 10′ will please you with lots of conveniences that contribute to the safest and most beautiful paddling experiences. Let’s take a closer look at the main features that make this product so popular among the customers’ purchases:

  • EVA Deck Pad – The most important aspect when shopping for a board is surely safety. Designed with safety in mind, Weekender’s pad is made of foam, offering a nonslip deck in order to assure a perfect grip. This way, accidents will be prevented, allowing for a safe operation for all the family members. As the pad is high traction, you won’t slip even if the surface gets wet.
  • 3-Layer Design – The 3-layer construction makes the product even more resistant over time, providing you with prolonged use. Besides the well-known EVA pad, there’s the 2nd layer sheet, together with the sturdy nylon thread. With this reinforced design, you won’t have to worry about popping or wearing.
  • 7 D-Rings – It’s equipped with stainless steel D-Rings with bungee cord connections, meant to keep your equipment safe when you’re moving. The rings assure maximum steadiness, avoiding potential risks.
  • Comfortable Design – Comfort matters, too, when it comes to paddleboards. This is why Weekender is made of a soft foam to uniformly distribute your weight, offering long walks on the water. Thanks to the included ergonomic oar, you’ll get a proper posture while paddling, eliminating the unpleasant back pains.
  • 3 Detachable Fins – Three removable fins are included in the package, as well, that will add more safety and stability. The detachable design helps a lot, especially when dealing with shallow water.


For peak performance, it’s an all inclusive package that comprises everything necessary for a perfect day on the water. Therefore, besides the large board, you’ll get some extra attachments, including:

  • An aluminum oar;
  • A high-pressure hand pump;
  • A backpack;
  • Three removable fins;
  • A waterproof phone case;
  • A repair kit.


10′ Long x 30” Wide x 6” Thick
30 pounds
PVC and drop-stitch construction
Weight Limit
275 pounds
Carry Handle
Color Options
Black & Red, Coral, Green, Marine, Seafoam, Lime

Warranty & Support

In terms of warranty, you’ll get a 50-day money-back guarantee in case of inconveniences. This is not all, as the company offers a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. If there are any potential product issues, you can confidently call the customer support at (213) 744-1555, or send an e-mail at The team is available for questions Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.


  • The well-built quality pleases all users
  • The comfortable pad is really helpful for riders
  • The surface is not slippery, so there are no accident risks
  • Ideal for practicing yoga
  • Delivers remarkable steadiness
  • Has a portable design


  • Inflating might take a few minutes
  • A bit tricky to steer

Frequently Asked Questions

?What's the thickness of the Weekender 10'?
The SUP is 6” thick, which is above most of the products in its category. This means it’s more supportive and more rigid, offering extra steadiness.

?Are fins compulsory?
Fins help you go straight, keeping a proper track. They will also prevent slipping and distribute weight evenly for better stability. It’s important to consider them, as they bring positive feedback, ensuring peak rides.

?Is it easy to transport?
You will enjoy portability features with this model, as it easily rolls up when deflated. Plus, you’ll get a backpack that will help you carry it all around.


We reliably recommend the Retrospec Weekender regarding all the characteristics it comes with but also the quality-price ratio. A pick for everyone’s budget, with high-quality manufacturing and impressive performance that suits everyone’s needs. Additionally, it’s an excellent choice for all those who have pets, and this is because it’s a pet-friendly board that won’t let you leave your furry pet ashore waiting for you. The rigidity and non-slip surface it offers are other relevant aspects to be taken into consideration, as they weigh a lot when using it.

Hannah Boyd
Hannah Boyd
I grew up in San Diego, California and have always taken an interest in beach life. I worked at a surfboard and SUP rental for 2 years and gathered knowledge about what makes a quality board. I am passionate about writing as well and want to combine my experience with watersports with my writing talent to help others have the best experience possible when they paddleboard.

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