ISLE Airtech Inflatable 11′ Explorer

I n the last few years, stand up paddle boarding have become one of the most exciting yet relaxing water sports. It is very easy to learn and it doesn’t require too many tools.

You just need a quality paddle board which can make you feel great on the water. Therefore, if you are looking for a solid board to support you, the ISLE Airtech Inflatable 11′ Explorer is exactly what you need. It is a good inflatable stand up paddleboard that provides quality, performance, and durability at a very reasonable price.


Constructed with military grade drop stitch PVC, the 11′ Explorer is one of the most solid iSUPs available on the market. It comes with a basic simple design which makes it convenient for anyone be it an advanced paddler or a beginner. The board is 11 feet tall, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick.

It weighs 19.1 lbs. and can support paddlers up to 275 lbs.. The slick design of this board makes it ideal for various activities, including yoga, touring, paddling, touring and even surfing. The colors chosen to cover this board body are yellow, gray and black.

Before investing in this model, it is important to know that it is not an all-around board, however, it performs well in flat water. The traction diamond-grooved pad increases balance when hitting waves. It is very soft and reduces foot fatigue.


The 11′ Explorer is one of the most stable iSUP out there. Its 6-inch thickness along with the tri-fin setup makes it easy to handle. Furthermore, its extra inch in width makes it stable and secure. In spite of its lightweight feature, this is a strong board the company is proud of.

In addition to the tri-fin setup, the board comes with 3 durable carry handles designed to facilitate moving it around when inflated. More than that, there is also a removable center box fin and 2 small fins for maximum stability and better performance in the flat water and small waves.


Like any other inflatable paddle board, this model comes with a plethora of impressive features that will surely meet all your requirements.

  • It is equipped with a bungee system that contains 14 stainless steel D-rings. 6 of them are placed on the front of the board with the bungee cord, 4 D-rings are located on the back of the SUP with the second bungee cord and the last 4 rings are dispersed on the sides for those riders who want to attach a backrest. Actually, this bungee system is used for various activities and different uses.
  • It features a revolutionary technology which makes it 30% lighter than traditional models without compromising quality and performance.
  • It comes with a high-pressure hand pump that will help you inflate and deflate the board anywhere needed.
  • The most important accessory of this paddle board is the carry backpack. With this bag, you can pack and store the deflated board with the minimum effort.

Ease of use

The ISLE Airtech Inflatable 11′ Explorer is very easy to use and transport. Also, the setup is very simple. You just have to take it out of the bag, unroll and inflate. Despite the fact that it is made from very sturdy materials, it takes about 5 minutes to inflate up to 15 psi. When inflated it feels as hard and stable as an epoxy board. It is equipped with a gauge and a pump that are very easy to use, as well.

Since its hose has universal ends, it can be used with most pumps out there. As aforementioned, it comes with 3 piece aluminum travel paddle which can be adjusted from 65” to 86”. These are extremely useful and help you maintain your balance and control on the water.


11 feet tall, 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick
19.1 lbs.
Maximum weight limit
275 lbs.
Military-grade PVC with drop-stitch construction
Paddle type
3-piece aluminum adjustable paddle
Paddle adjustability
65” to 86”
Fin configuration
3 fin-configuration
Inflation/deflation time
Up to 5 minutes
Inflates to 15 PSI
Pump type
High pressure hand pump

Warranty and support

In what regards the warranty, it’s important to know that the 11′ Explorer comes with a 1-year warranty against any defect in materials and workmanship. Feel free to contact the customer service department, if you have any question. Furthermore, for more detailed information, visit the manufacturer official website.


  • Military grade drop stitch PVC
  • Extremely stable
  • It comes with 3 fins – 2 attached small fins and one large removable fin
  • It is designed to suit a large range of people
  • Great warranty


  • There are no D-rings at nose and tail
  • Costly acquisition


As it is one of the most stable models available at the moment, the ISLE Airtech Inflatable 11’ Explorer makes for a great recreational paddle board for the entire family to enjoy. Whether you are a SUP pro and want to surf some waves as the tri-fin setup it features allows or you are still in the minor leagues and want to get a grip of this sport faster, it is sure to satisfy your needs.

Considering this is a top-tier model functionality-wise compared to most iSUPs, it is safe to say this is your best bargain when it comes to both quality and price.

What we like the most: Despite the heavy-duty materials that go into its manufacturing, it is 30% lighter as opposed similar models, making it a cinch to transport and maneuver the board.

Hannah Boyd
Hannah Boyd
I grew up in San Diego, California and have always taken an interest in beach life. I worked at a surfboard and SUP rental for 2 years and gathered knowledge about what makes a quality board. I am passionate about writing as well and want to combine my experience with watersports with my writing talent to help others have the best experience possible when they paddleboard.

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