CBC Hydra 10’6″

H ave you ever tried to do paddleboarding? Over the last few years, stand up paddleboarding has become one of the most popular water activities out there. Paddling in the water for a couple of minutes is fun, relaxing and allows you to be there without actually swimming in it.

Standup paddleboarding is an activity that can be done in lakes, rivers, bays and even oceans. Aside from being a fun activity, it is also a great intense workout that helps you work all your muscles. More than that, it is not difficult to stand up on a paddleboard. However, there are a few tips to take into account as a beginner.

First of all, it’s quite important to purchase a good quality paddleboard, suitable for your needs. There are so many models of SUPs available on the market, today, that finding exactly what you need could be quite difficult. However, it’s not impossible and we are here to prove you this by introducing to you one of the best SUPs available for sale, these days.

CBC Hydra is a 10’6” foam stand up paddleboard that comes equipped with a plethora of interesting features. As such, if you are interested in knowing more about this incredible SUP, keep on reading this review.


At first glance, this is a good-looking SUP made of durable and waterproof material. It is built with multi-layered laminated wood stringers and high-density EPS foam. Since it is specially designed for water, it is understandable that it is made with waterproof resin for increased durability. In addition, it features a heat laminated high-density core with 100% waterproof EPS.

In terms of dimensions, it measures, 126″ x 30″ x 5″ and weighs 24 lbs. It is a lightweight paddleboard that can be carried with ease from your track to the beach and back. More than that, it is important to know that it can easily accommodate riders up to a maximum of 300 lbs.

Glide performance

One of the most important metric in our test is the glide performance. After reviewing more than 20 SUPs, we can finally confirm that we have found one of the most stable paddleboards on the market. As compared to other similar models, it is made of a rough, non-slip material that will keep you up. As such, you don’t have to worry about falling off the board.

Its 5.25” thickness makes it stable enough to provide an interesting yet safe experience on the water. Although it is specially designed for beginner and intermediate riders, keep in mind that the ideal paddle size is an average adult. This SUP is not suitable for kids. Furthermore, it comes equipped with a 9” center trailing fin for added stability. Also, it has 2 side-kick fins that are great if you are thinking about going surfing.


As previously mentioned, this SUP comes with a plethora of interesting features. Not only that it comes equipped with a central fin for increased stability, but it also comes with an adjustable paddle that helps you in maintaining your balance on the water. The paddle can be easily adjusted from 63’’ to 83’’. More than that, it has a roof rack included. This will keep the board secured on the top of your track.

Ease of use

You might be wondering how difficult it is to ride a stand-up paddleboard? Well, the truth is that it is not as difficult as you might think. However, as mentioned above, the most important thing is to choose a model that suits your needs. You need one that accommodates your weight as well as your skill level. For a first time rider, this is exactly what you need. CBC Hydra is very easy to use and maneuver in comparison to other SUPs. Due to its adjustable paddle and single fin, it can be maneuver with ease on the water. Also, it has a carry handle that will make transportation much easier on land too.


Activity type
Skill level
Beginner, Intermediate
126″ x 30″ x 5″
24 lbs.
Board thickness
Maximum weight capacity
300 lbs.
Multi-Layered laminated wood stringers
Core type
Heat laminated high density 100% waterproof EPS
Adjustable paddle
Roof racks included
30 day limited warranty


Like any other similar product, our paddleboard is covered by a warranty. As compared to most SUPs that are covered by 2 or even 3-year warranties, the CBC Hydra 10’6 board comes with a 30-day limited warranty against defects. However, due to its durable and long-lasting design, there shouldn’t be any problems.


  • Affordable SUP
  • It is capable of supporting a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Adjustable paddle for maximum balance
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate users alike


  • Not recommended for kids
  • Short warranty


Although the CBC Hydra 10’6 is one of the most affordable stand-up paddleboards for beginner and intermediate riders, it still is one of the most popular models out there. Due to its long-lasting and durable construction, this SUP that is made of a high-quality 100% waterproof material, provides every rider with increased safety on the water.

The fact that it comes with an adjustable paddle and a single fin is a major perk as well. This helps you prevent falls and maintain your balance even in choppy waters. Overall, this is a nice option worth taking into consideration.

Hannah Boyd
Hannah Boyd
I grew up in San Diego, California and have always taken an interest in beach life. I worked at a surfboard and SUP rental for 2 years and gathered knowledge about what makes a quality board. I am passionate about writing as well and want to combine my experience with watersports with my writing talent to help others have the best experience possible when they paddleboard.

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