Bestway Inflatable Hydro-Force Wave Edge

B udget-friendly and reliable, this board would make a great purchase for both beginners and intermediate paddlers. It is inflatable, so easier to store and transport than a regular board, and it comes with a carry bag for convenience.

The high-quality deck provides stability, ensuring safe navigation on flat waters and the equilibrium required by more adventurous paddling. Not to mention that the package includes everything you need to get it on the water as soon as possible. This being said, let’s have a look at its most important features and specifications.


Designed to accommodate a user who weighs up to 220 pounds, it provides enough space for comfortable paddling. It measures 10.2 feet in length and it is 27 inches wide, with a deck thickness of 4 inches. These dimensions make it an excellent choice for a variety of activities like SUP yoga or fishing, so as you progress in your paddling you can transgress to other niches.

The 3-layer material consists of 2 layers of high-quality laminated PVC that enchase a polyester mesh-core, providing excellent rigidity, which is usually hard to obtain with inflatable models. Furthermore, it is treated against ultraviolet rays and oils, so you will be able to enjoy the new look for a very long time. Not to mention that it comes with drop stitches, meant to add even more resistance and durability.


Rolled up, it doesn’t weigh more than 26.1 pounds and this means you won’t break your back trying to get it to the beach. Plus, everything is included, starting with the board, the paddle, and the inflation pump, and ending with a very useful repair kit, a pressure gauge, and a travel bag designed to make transportation even easier. The aluminum paddle can be adjusted in height according to your needs, and it can reach a maximum of 83 inches. The best way to determine the perfect setting is by measuring your height and adding 8 inches if you are up for surfing, and 10 inches for touring activities.

The back of the deck is covered by an anti-slip traction pad which provides excellent adherence and a nice soft touch for your feet or knees. The bungee system includes 4 D-rings that are connected to the bungee cord, and you will be able to grab it whenever you need extra support or use it to secure your camera, supplies or equipment. Besides that, you will get a tri-fin navigation system, with 2 small lateral fixed fins and one central removable fin, perfect for navigation in all water conditions.


Although the Bestway Inflatable Hydro-Force Wave Edge comes with a narrow deck, this board performs wonderfully in a variety of conditions and is suitable for both exploration paddling and surfing. Plus, the 3-fin navigation allows you to turn smoothly, and handle chop waves.

However, you should respect the weight limit, which isn’t very high, or the whole structure may become wobbly or even sink in the middle. On the other hand, smaller paddlers will enjoy the advantages of a slim board that will allow them to easily adventure into the sea.


10.2 feet
27 inches
4 inches
TriTech with 2 layers of laminated PVC and one layer of polyester
Paddle Type
Adjustable Aluminum Paddle
Weight Capacity
220 lbs.
26.1 lbs.
Carry Handle

Ease of Use

The pomp comes with a pressure gauge that will let you know when you’ve reached the optimal 12 psi pressure. Easy to connect to the air valve, it will quickly inflate your board and get it ready for the adventure. Moreover, a deck handle is available, so you won’t have to struggle to get it and out of the water.

However, when it comes to inflatable boats, the best thing is always their compact size and reduced weight. This model deflates in minutes and gets so compact that you will be able to fit it into a carry bag (included). Besides that, the aluminum paddle disassembles into 3 components so you can easily find a good place for it in the bag as well.


  • 3-layer high-quality material provides excellent resistance for a variety of activities
  • Aluminum paddle assembles in minutes and adjusts to user’s height
  • Easy to store and transport due to the inflatable design and the included bag
  • Mounted bungee system increases safety and allows you to secure your belongings
  • Carry handle increases its maneuverability


  • Not a great choice for heavier paddlers
  • Pressure gauge is not qualitative


Perfect for beginners and kids, it provides the optimal safety features and superior balance, necessary for the first paddling experiences. Plus, it is affordable and versatile, so you can become familiar with many paddling activities and practice your skills without having to spend a small fortune on paddling gear.

The aluminum paddle adjusts to fit your height, while the bungee system provides good support and a means for you to transport your supplies and accessories. Not to mention that it fits in a bag, along with the paddle and the pump, so once you’ve finished paddling, you will be able to enjoy a nice walk to the hotel without worrying that you might lose something.

Hannah Boyd
Hannah Boyd
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