J ust like everyone else, you will quickly fall in love with the design of this inflatable paddle board. If you’re someone that enjoys to go on adventures and discover new places, whether they are lakes, oceans, or rives, this is one of the best paddleboards to consider. The model is incredibly easy to carry, and it comes with all of the necessary accessories to use it as soon as it arrives.

Performance Details

If you’re currently learning to improve your skills at riding, this model will be your helping hand. Regardless of the age group you belong to, this model comes with a weight limit of 290 lbs. Thus, it will keep you safe and secure even if you carry extra weight from the accessories. Similarly, with the other models mentioned, this is suitable for a range of needs such as cruising, fishing, yoga, and surfing.

Made from 9mm military-grade PVC combined with high-quality drop stitch, you can use the paddleboard on calm and choppy waters even if there are a lot of rocks, tree branches, or other harsh debris in the water.

When it’s fully inflated, it will feel and work the same way as a hard-body model. Thus, it will feel rigid and have a stable shape without limiting the durability. Furthermore, this will also be due to the 3-fin construction. There’s one large fin in the center, accompanied by two additional ones on each side.

Many customers have mentioned that this is one of the most versatile paddleboards on the market as it can ride it on a range of waters such as calm rivers, flat seas, and lakes. Therefore, if you’re looking for a model that will allow you to do yoga exercises safely, this is another excellent choice.

Lightweight and Travel-friendly

Good news, this inflatable model only weighs 17 lbs, which makes this one of the lightest boards that you can currently find. Additionally, it also has a handle positioned right in the middle of it to allow you to carry it with ease, with minimal effort. Its design particularities are:

  • Bungee Cord – At the front of the board the bungee cord will fit a range of extra cargo such as water bottles, fishing accessories, or life vest
  • Pad – The deck pad has been made from soft EVA foam to provide superior comfort. Hence, you can do yoga exercises with ease
  • Inflation Valve – To prevent any damages done to this important piece of equipment, it’s at the top of the board

The included D-rings will provide not only convenience but also safety. There is one at the rear side of the paddleboard where you can attach the ankle leash. So, if you fall off the board, you will not separate from it.


10′ x 30” x 6”
PVC and multi-layer drop-stitch
Weight Limit
290 lbs.
28 lbs.
Maximum Air Pressure
12-15 PSI
Included Accessories
Paddle, Pump, Fin, Carry bag, Repair kit and Coiled leash
1-year limited warranty


  • The repair kit will prevent future investments
  • The 3 fins will ensure that you’re kept on the right course
  • Enough stability will be provided for tall or large persons
  • It can be rolled to fit in the included carry bag for storage
  • The dual-action pump will inflate the paddleboard within 5 minutes


  • Not the best choice for choppy waters
  • Best suited for beginners only


This board is the perfect travel partner. The practical design will ensure superior performance in calm waters. Furthermore, it’s lightweight enough to be carried with minimal effort. As it has a large PSI capacity, the board will feel rigid and secure so that you can use it with confidence. Also, with the help of this board, you can do a full-body workout.

Hannah Boyd
Hannah Boyd
I grew up in San Diego, California and have always taken an interest in beach life. I worked at a surfboard and SUP rental for 2 years and gathered knowledge about what makes a quality board. I am passionate about writing as well and want to combine my experience with watersports with my writing talent to help others have the best experience possible when they paddleboard.

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