Who We Are

Standuppaddlesupply is the site you can trust when it comes to SUP analysis so that you find a quality board to enjoy using for years to come. What makes us different from other SUP review sites is that our staff is well-prepared and each member has had experience with stand up paddle boarding. Thus, we are confident that our opinions will help guide you toward making the right purchase quick.

What We Do

We search through hundreds of SUPs to find the top picks and compare them to give you reliable advice towards making an acquisition. We take into consideration the fact that different people have different needs, which is why we analyze a wide range of products to suit all expectations. Regardless if you are looking for a budget SUP, a fishing SUP, a yoga board, or a costly all-around board with the latest features, you are sure to find it here as it is our mission to truthfully and thoroughly review all quality options and offer you a generous pallet to pick from.

How We Do It

Our methodology is quite simple as every member of our staff is a SUP and surfboard connoisseur, so they all know what to look into and how to appreciate whether a product is qualitative or not based on its specs and stats. With each board review, we not only research everything there is to know about it ranging from buoyancy to what accessories it includes, but we take into consideration customer reviews as well. User experience is critical for us and we make it a point to evaluate products based on the feedback received as well to provide you with an unbiased opinion. Occasionally, we test the boards to see for ourselves exactly how the SUPs perform, what aspects need improvement and what their highlights are. Lastly, we refine each article to make sure it is as comprehensive as possible without losing its technicality before sharing it with you.

Why We Do It

Stand up paddle boarding is on a constant rise in popularity, which automatically implies that more and more products appear for those who are passionate about this watersport. However, as experienced by some of us as well, this variety has its downsides, especially if you don’t have the right amount of knowledge and fall victim to buzz words sellers use to promote their products. We all practice paddle boarding in our spare time and want you to have as great of a time as we do when you ride the board on the water. For this to happen, you need the right gear and we take it upon ourselves to help you find a reliable board to practice the sport on safely.

Updating Our Reviews

We take our time when it comes to updating our reviews to make sure the quality of our content and recommendations doesn’t drop. Unlike most competitor sites, we don’t rush to deliver content just for the sake of it but rather analyze what SUPs are worth your money. Moreover, reviewing a product is a stretched-out process that involves research, testing, detailed comparisons, as well as gathering data from users. Thus, we sacrifice speed over quality to update our reviews with products that you will inevitably be satisfied with.

Customer Feedback

We take into consideration the opinions of buyers as well. Firsthand experiences of people who have already acquired the products we look into and who have likely spent more time than us using them are valuable. Whether we learn about customer’s opinion through direct survey of people who we encounter in SUP specialty stores or who we bump into at the beach during a paddle boarding session, we make it a point to ask as many pertinent questions that can help us understand the products better to more thoroughly evaluate their ups and downs. Our testing trials might do the trick after all, but long-term use in the real world still tops our research, especially when it comes to finding design flaws.
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Paul Shepherd

Content Manager

Paul Shepherd was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Santa Clara to pursue a Master of Arts in English degree. In his sophomore year, Paul got involved in part-time journalism writing to polish his skills and learn firsthand how to deliver accurate and informative pieces to readers. After graduating, he worked for 6 years at a local publication where most of his time was spent researching and writing about sports, his passion for surfing stemming from here. In his free time, Paul indulges in watching basketball games, riding the waves, and catching up on his favorite TV shows.

Hannah Boyd


Hannah Boyd grew up in San Diego, California and has always taken an interest in the beach life. She graduated from the University of California-San Diego with a Bachelor’s degree in Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography. La Jolla is where she spent her free time, swimming and paddle boarding while observing the flourishing marine life. She worked at a local surfboard and SUP rental for 2 years where she gathered knowledge about what makes a quality board. Hannah is passionate about writing as well and wants to combine her experience with watersports with her writing talent to help others have the best experience possible when they paddleboard.

Nick Everdeen


A Richmond resident since birth, Nick Everdeen has been passionate about photography for more than a decade now, the fire igniting when he received a camera as a birthday gift. His natural-born talent and insight when it comes to the secrets California beaches hold help him find places few people know about to immortalize nature at its finest.

Amy Avery

Product Researcher

Amy Avery has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, after which she worked for several local businesses where she helped conduct research and data analysis to increase revenue generation. When she is not working or examining the latest trends in SUP, Amy likes to catch up on her reading and go out with friends to unwind.